Did you recently find out you were sensitive or allergic to gluten?  Are you doing it just for your health?   Do you feel it’s near impossible or just flat difficult to eliminate gluten from your diet?  Your not alone … I’m with you and so are countless others.  There is hope … hopefully through this blog you’ll find encouragement just in seeing that your not going through this alone and that there are good tasting recipes that don’t require gluten.  Finally … be free of gluten!!

A note … some recipes do not call for an exact measure.  These are ones I made on the fly and didn’t measure certain ingredients.  In that case … use  your best judgement and taste as you measure until it suits you & your family.  Everyone is different … some like it a little sweeter and some like it a little less so … cooking isn’t a coloring book where you have to stay inside the lines … sometimes the best recipes are ones where you go outside the lines.

As a quote from the movie No Reservations says “It’s the recipes that you create yourself that are the best.